THETA Plug-in Development - Getting Started


  1. Join the partner program (it’s free as of Mar 2019)
  2. Enable THETA developer mode - Use RICOH desktop application on Mac or Windows
  3. Download one of the code examples
  4. Open project in Android Studio and modify
  5. Press Play to build project and install into THETA with a USB cable
  6. If you hear a “beep-beep-beep” error sound, use Vysor to set application permissions

Testing Plug-in Untethered

To run the plug-in using the side “mode” button on the camera:

  1. Set the default plug-in to launch using the Ricoh mobile app or the Ricoh desktop app
  2. Put camera into plug-in mode by pressing the lower mode button for more than 2 seconds. The LED above the shutter button will turn white.

API Choices

Different APIs can be used to take pictures and video with RICOH THETA cameras:

You can also use the Web API through third-party libraries such as theta4j.

The Camera API does not inject metadata into the images and video. You should use the Web API if it meets your application requirements.

For most applications, you do not need to use broadcast intents directly.

Use the pluginlibrary to control audio prompts, LEDs, and buttons through pre-built methods for notifications.

Resources and Help

If you have any questions, please direct them to the community link below.